The General Administration of Administrative and Financial Affairs is keen to provide all administrative and financial services to different organisational units in the university and ensure the application of relevant rules, regulations, decisions, and instructions. In this regard,  The administration is looking forward to preparing plans for the public administration activities and following up on their implementation after approval; in addition, administrative and technical supervision of the organisational units, which is related to the general administration of administrative and financial affairs. Also, supervise the implementation of all administrative and financial regulations in the university and ensure efficient and effective performance. Besides that, they are obtaining the necessary level of coordination between the university and all other government agencies in common matters through administrative and financial affairs, such as the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, the Ministry of Finance, and the Public Audit Bureau.

The department includes the following units:

• Inventory control unit.

• Financial Planning and Budget Department.

• Financial Affairs Department.

• purchase Department.

• Warehouses Department

• Transportation Department.

• Administrative Communications Department.